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Crazy Travel

You Only Live Once



My Blog is all about my expiriences and travel around Asia. Capturing moments and sharing my own version of food tasting while roaming around the cities..

Here in my website I will post some tips on for your out of the country get away. If you have a little budget on hand "No Problem" I'll teach how to make your vacation cheap but fun.

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South Seoul Korea

Posted on November 10, 2017 at 8:55 AM Comments comments (10111)

Seoul Korea

A dream come true.. from watching korean dramas and imitating there words and languages.. Now Im finally here ..

But first let now go into the details on how much you can spend in here.. :)


Anu pa nga ba masasabe ko sa seoul .. bukod sa kadramahan na pinapanuod ko at sa mga gwapong oppa.. All I can say is that Korea is fun.. I enjoy everything in Seoul.. not so cheap but just enough to spend for the prices.., of Hostel..  and foods and transportation.. In korea you have to buy a T-Money card for you to ride all types of transportation like buses, subway, and taxi... I remember if you ride a taxi.. and you pay cash it is more expensive that the charge on the Tmoney card.. even in the bus.. so better to buy that card for only  KW7000.. 

Shopping in Myeongdong street night market. waaah dont but in here its expensive.. if you want to find more cheaper prices of goodies go to Hongdae 

Do you watch The legend of blue sea?? Here is the house,. Oppa Lee Mhin Ho

Nakoooo pasensya na sa posing ko.. Pang Korean drama naba??? HAHAHA Well since its winter I cant do a lot of things in here except to walk and to eat HAHA yesss kumain ng Fishcake at spicy noodles nila.. So ayun nga If may 25K ka kasya na yun para sa  5days mo dito.. mahal ang bilihin sa myeongdong pero tulad sa manila may mura din naman .. basta mag hanap ka lang. :) 

Sa seoul walng traffic unlike in manila mapapamura ka sa traffic sa edsa HAHAHa dito dyoskooo.. pwede matulog sa kalye joke lang syempre..

Taiwan Heart Of Asia

Posted on November 7, 2017 at 9:25 AM Comments comments (1424)

Taiwan .... 

What else can I say I had  fun in Taipei Taiwan, I actually stayed in there for a week!!

it is the longest flight I've ever done.. we had a connecting flight from Manila to Singapone with (Flyscoot) a low cost airline of Singapore Airline.

Then layover of 2 hrs and another 5 hrs from Singapore to Taipei 

After 11hrs of flight We finally arrived at Taiwan and we look for the bus station .. wait you have two option to go to the city first is taipei bus cost NT120 or train subway cost NT160 lil costy to the bus but still cheap.. from airport we need to go to the taipei main station NT120 only.. bus number 1819 and its about an hour from airport to taipei main station. Well good thing about taiwan they dont have traffic. While heading to our Hostel (Meanders Hostel)  recommended hostel.  from taipei main station we need to transfer and ride a subway one station away goin to Ximending.. 

Lets now go to the Food and the ride ... for Food the price starts at NT100 depending on what you want to eat some souvenir starts at NT100 or Nt50 depending on where you goin to buy it.. some areas in taipei have a cheaper prices and expensive prices as well.. if your in ximending foods are expensive. but if you so to Tamsui where you can find the fishermen wharf.. all restaurant there are cheap and the souvenir OMG its low low prices.. 

Just like here in philippines .. Taiwanese are so kind and helpful.. very polite even thou they cant speak good english .. I remember there is one time that we dont know which way to go some taiwanese really cant talk in english just mandarin but I was shock because even they cant tell you the instruction they will find someone who can help us. .. this is our experience hahaha. 

Overnight in Ho Chi Mhin Vietnam

Posted on May 17, 2017 at 10:20 AM Comments comments (15414)

24hrs in Ho Chi Mhin City.

After 8hrs of travel from Siem Reap to Phnom Penh and another 15 hrs of travel from Phnom Penh to Ho Chi Mhin that tiring experience Gosh!! i dont want to do it again..

Lets go on the brigther side of this trip. vietnam has a lot to offer like there food and exotic drinks.

You can try some of the cobra drinks oh that made me sick. or you can try thier street food with those baby snake and scorpion on stick.

Cobra!!!!! Yesss and its real snake inside.. 

Have time for shopping (night market) At Cho Ben Than 

you can also visit the Bitexco Financial Tower just 20mins walk from my hotel near the recreational park. 

Lost in HongKong

Posted on May 12, 2017 at 11:10 AM Comments comments (13131)

Hong Kong ..... the city where you can find lots of good stuff in cheapest price. from clothing to fashionable shoes, bags, foods .. try to get a side trip as well in Macau..Unang Una bago ka pumunta sa Hongkong check the weather if its sunny or rainy.. but most of the time its sunny kaya wag ka umarte mag pekpek short ka nalang.. then Dec-Jan malamig yun and its the best time to make inarte ng outfit. pero wag masyado makapal dahil parang baguio lang ang lamig .. HAHHAA Now mura sa hongkong ang bilihin masarap mag shopping kapag madame ka pera. from airport to central HK40 only oh walang sukli kaya dapat sakto lang ang bigay mo.. its about an hour din from the airport at bus lang yun.. 

So this is the central Hongkong where you can find the Bank of china tower ..the other picture is the One Island East tower.. the tallest building in hongkong. 

Enjoy your ride at Kawloon Hong Kong for only HK2.50 you can reach the both ends of the tram station. but wait if your traveling around Hong Kong make sure you have enough smaller bills all public transportation do not give any change.Ayan masarap sumakay ng tram nakaka abnoy!!! hahaha syempre first time ko noon.. 

and if you have more time you can also do a side trip in Macau nakoo dito sa sanmalo mabubusog ka kase isang street lang yung pupuntahan mo puro free taste ... hahaha syempre patay gutom ako kaya lahat tinikman ko. kulang nalang pati tindero na gwapo tikman ko charot!!!

Ito ohh HAHAHa lakas maka gwapo ng coldness ng weather noh.. joke